The Hoof & Paw
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Welcome to the WolfspyreLabs Blog. Mah Opinions, sorted by… Time 2023 2022 2021 Category adhd3 apple1 apt1 aruba5 ceph13 coredns3 docker1 docs2 engineering2 gitlab2 hoof-n-paw1 howto23 hugo30 ipam2 linux20 logging2 loki4 netbox1 networking21 osx4 people5 proxmox13 s3cmd1 scale1 self-hosted1 setup11 splash62 systemd1 tech129 tips12 troubleshooting1 truenas1 wolfspyre2 wolfspyrelabs1 zfs2 Tags 22.042 access-point2 adhd3 apt3 aruba5 automation4 azlux2 bash4 big-sur2 ca2 cache2 caching2 ceph13 cloud2 color2 coredns30 debian6 debug2 dns5 docker11 frontmatter2 ganesha2 gcp2 geekdocs4 gitlab8 grafana2 howto26 hugo18 infoblox2 inspiration2 install2 ipam11 ipv62 k8s2 kubernetes2 lichtenberg2 linux33 logs4 loki6 maintenance5 migrate2 monterey2 netbox15 networking25 nfs3 opnsense4 osx8 people5 pi13 plugins2 podcast2 pool2 ports2 promtail2 proxmox17 pxe7 raspberry12 registry2 routing2 rsd2 s32 sas2 scsi2 setup12 shortcodes10 smallstep2 snippits2 splash11 ssl4 swarm2 tcp5 tech30 tinkerbell7 tips11 troubleshooting7 truenas6 ubuntu28 udp2 wolfspyrelabs83 zfs3


CoreDNS is a neat, pluggable DNS Server written in go. External / Upstream info CoreDNS Github repo CoreDNS Site CoreDNS Plugins Here’s a local copy of the Manual. Wolfspyrelabs Notes and guides Setup Configuration Ongoing maintenance Last, but not least, here’s my Soup to Nuts Pi4 setup/build docs