The Hoof & Paw
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Learning about coaching

People are weird.

People, in general, are weird.

I’ve been noticing a noteworthy-to-me divergence between people, and their methods of presenting themselves to others.

SO many people are struggling… The world is particularly difficult to navigate right now, for myriad reasons.

and yet…. many people seem to feel a compulsion to obfuscate that struggle…. not just from random others, where sharing their struggle might seem out of place, or offputting…

… that’s understandable …

admittedly, I don’t DO that, but I can understand that motivation…

I’m talking about obfuscating that struggle from anyone they interact with….

including themselves….

it’s like a

Fake it til you make it!

Twist, that does more harm than good… as the recipients of that distortion are wont to internalize the discrepancy as

Well, if everyone else is fine, and I’m struggling…. there must be something wrong with me….

This, obviously is countereffective to the goal of everyone’s healing.

so hey… you…

yes, you.

Are you struggling?

me too. I hope it gets better for us both soon.