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Blockquote Shortcode

Locally implemented shortcode: blockquote

I found this post1 on how to make fancier blockquotes.

Port of the Octopress blockquote plugin at

It supports author, link, source and title. If title is not provided and link is longer than 32 characters, it is cut at the last forward slash similar to the original plugin.

It can be used as follows (also in tests/wp-test.markdown):

Normal quote:

This is a simple quote.

Quote with author

This is a quote with only an Author named Author2.


Quote with author and source

This is a quote from Author3 and source "source."

Author3 Source

Quote with author and link

This is a quote from Author4 and links to

Quote with author, link and title

This is a quote from Author5 and links to with title "Google."

Quote with author and a link longer than 32 characters, string is first cut at 32 characters then everything after the last forward slash is removed

This is a quote from Author5 and links to which is longer than 32 characters.
<br>And this is a new line in the quote with the HTML br tag.

Test from the Octopress blockquote page at:

Over the past 24 hours I've been reflecting on my life & I've realized only one thing. I need a medieval battle axe.

This is managed by the file layouts/shortcodes/blockquote.html