The Hoof & Paw
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Geekdocs Shortcodes

  • Buttons: dont you like clicky buttons?
  • Columns: I gots stuff over here. I gots stuff over there. I wanna align it all nice n neatlike. wots yer prollem
  • Expand: helps to decrease clutter on screen by hiding part of text.
  • Hints: cause some people just really need to be hit over the head with a Clue-by-Four
  • Icons: Hugo like icons
  • Images
  • Includes: show me some filez, yo!
  • KaTeX: cause makin complicated formulae look pretty iz hard
  • Mermaid: who doesnt like diagrams?
  • Propertylist: displays a blob of yaml in a nice format
  • Tabs: Creates a box with tabs. Each tab has unique content
  • ToC-Tree: creates a list of subfiles
  • ToC: Create a Table of Content