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Pi4 Soup to nuts

Walkthrough…. Once more with feeling

The purpose of this set of pages is to provide a start to finish walk-through of setting up a raspberry pi to serve as a CoreDNS Server.

I’ll update it as I go along. It probably has a lot of errors and might cause all sorts of problems.

You have been warned.

In Part One We’ll go over the hardware I’m using, with links to get your own.
In Part Two We get Ubuntu installed on yer SD card, and boot your Pi for the first time.
In Part Three We get everything set up to my personal liking, but ymmv.
In Part Four We get the necessary stuffs installed to build, add our selected plugins, and finally build CoreDNS
In Part Five We deploy the coreDNS binary, init scripts, initial configuration files, and start it up
In Part Six We add some extra tools to make the care and feeding of CoreDNS easier
In Part Seven We setup the eink display
… and den?

… Profit

With that summary out of the way…. Lets get to it, shall we?