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Multipath TCP setup in RHEL 8 Many years ago, Hercules was traveling back to Athens when he lost his way in a wood. Arriving at a crossroad, he found two women. One of them was Aletheia, the goddess of truth, and the other was Apate, the goddess of lies. But he didn’t know who was who. Hercules needed all his intelligence to find the only question capable of revealing the way to Athens. If you are lost in a computer network and don’t know which path to take, don’t worry—you don’t need Hercules to find your way: You can use Multipath TCP.
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Policy based routing Micro Howto

title: Policy based routing Micro Howto slug: /Networking/Policy-Based-Routing-Howto Policy Based Routing MicroHowto This originally resided here Scraped from the waybackmachine by Yours Truly. Horacio J. Peña, v0.03 05/Apr/2000 Preface, disclaimer and help request. This is my attempt to recopilate some info on how to use the advanced routing capabilities of the 2.1.x Linux kernels. As each time i’ve asked for help in linux-(kernel|net|router|es) instead of getting answers i received lots of mail saying “You seem to know how to use iproute, could you explain me it?
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scratchpad for ethtool notes

A quick and dirty scratchpad for notes on ethtool list interfaces 1 `ip a list|awk '/^[0-9]+/ {print $2}'|sed -e '/lo:/d' -e 's/:$//'` 1 ethtool --show-ring enp0s2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 --show-time-stamping --show-pause --show-features --show-coalesce --show-channels --set-channels --phy-statistics --statistics 1 2 3 4 5 ethtool -a|--show-pause DEVNAME Set pause options ethtool -A|--pause DEVNAME Set pause options [ autoneg on|off ] [ rx on|off ] [ tx on|off ] 1 ethtool -c|--show-coalesce DEVNAME Show coalesce options 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 ethtool -C|--coalesce DEVNAME Set coalesce options [adaptive-rx on|off] [adaptive-tx on|off] [rx-usecs N] [rx-frames N] [rx-usecs-irq N] [rx-frames-irq N] [tx-usecs N] [tx-frames N] [tx-usecs-irq N] [tx-frames-irq N] [stats-block-usecs N] [pkt-rate-low N] [rx-usecs-low N] [rx-frames-low N] [tx-usecs-low N] [tx-frames-low N] [pkt-rate-high N] [rx-usecs-high N] [rx-frames-high N] [tx-usecs-high N] [tx-frames-high N] [sample-interval N]